Sleep in Milazzo

Milazzo is a small seafaring town with a long history behind it, recent archaeological finds continue to show its great importance as a commercial hub since antiquity. Today, it is possible to visit the ruins brought to light in the Sottocastello district or along the Via del Capo or San Giovanni or Ciantro. For those who have little desire to walk, there is a small treasure to explore at the Antiquarium “Domenico Ryolo”, located in the ancient Spanish Quarter, which has a collection of finds, some of which are refined, a fifty-year investigation into the militia territory.

In this context, in a small hamlet of the village of Vaccarella, the traditional fishermen’s area of ​​the area, the B&B Maredomus, with its front-facing rooms, the high ceilings in keeping with the architectural style between ‘700 and’ 800. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and internet connection in WIFI. You can sleep quietly, not only because of the remarkable thickness of the walls of the building, but also for the silent zone around them. At wake up, you can have a generous breakfast in the nearby nearby nearby bars, or a boat ride, or on a bicycle. You will spend the day in complete relaxation.

We look forward to you at Maredomus B&B.

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