Milazzo has its roots in prehistory, as evidenced by the findings of Neolithic necropolis, for its beauty and natural wealth, it was later called the ” Golden Chersonese ” by the ancient Greeks who inhabited; conquered by the Romans, was the scene of the famous battles, as it denotes the name of the square Caio Duilio, named after the famous commander of the victorious Roman fleet.

But the monument that best identifies the face of Milazzo is definitely the grand castle, the testimony of the Arab rulers and then Normans, the Aragonese and the Spanish, due to its size and its geographical location, the ancient fortress overlooking the city and the urban settlement. His role in each of the fortress, military fortress, a place of sighting naturally defended by the sea and fortified through the ages, has made the most significant place to the Bourbon period , and then, after a long decline under the House of Savoy, during which acquired the function of prison, and the next state of disrepair, was now completely restored , with the aim of restoring its original splendor of the castle, the ancient cathedral, the former Benedictine convent, which is now hosting major events cultural events, exhibitions , concerts and various events.

During both summer and winter, you can take guided tours inside the walls.

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